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Pastoral Care

Sixth Form life at St Albans School is based on strong, mutually respectful relationships between teachers and pupils. All teaching staff share responsibility for the social, cultural and moral wellbeing of pupils – at a time when schools are more acutely aware of wellbeing than ever before.

The Deputy Head of Lower Sixth and Deputy Head of Upper Sixth are each responsible for the pastoral and academic welfare of a cohort of students throughout their two years in the Sixth Form. Form Tutors are the first point of contact for parents and oversees the personal and academic welfare of pupils, through a combination of informal contact and tutor periods. 

Students in the Sixth Form are allocated to tutor groups of typically 15 students, each with a tutor responsible for the welfare, pastoral care and guidance of his or her tutees. The two Deputy Heads of Sixth Form coordinate the pastoral work of tutors and the programme of Higher Education guidance, whereby tutors meet with their tutees twice a day and play a key role in the delivery of our PSHEE programme and in ensuring that their tutees are healthy, both mentally and physically. 


The School Nurses and Chaplain make an important contribution to our pastoral provision, while the Counsellor, who is not a member of staff, is available each week for confidential consultation. 

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