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Games and Sport

Every pupil experiences a Games afternoon each week encompassing a range of sports and physical activities. As pupils progress through the School, the element of ‘preference’ and breadth of options increases, with the aim that all pupils will engage with at least two hours physical activity per week and will find an activity or sport that they wish to pursue as a ‘lifelong’ pursuit or interest. 

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Sports Fixtures

Beginning with matches in the First Form, we enjoy an extensive programme of inter-school fixtures at a variety of levels and in a very wide and ever-expanding range of sports. We have a number of pupils who compete at County, National and International levels in a number of sports. 

We commits significant resources to providing competitive sport fixtures for the pupils and the major sports listed below are allocated the greatest amount of time and opportunities in these terms. This includes Saturday fixtures and the expectation is that students will commit to these sport fixtures if selected for teams. 

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The main games played each term are: 

Autumn Term:
Rugby, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Netball, Senior Football, Swimming, Basketball, Golf 

Spring Term:
Hockey, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Football, Rugby 7’s, Swimming, Basketball, Golf 

Summer Term:
Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Girls Rugby, Golf 

Inter-school fixtures are normally organised on a year group basis and in the major sports we often field up to four teams in an age group. We have a thriving House System with four houses competing each year in all sports. All pupils have an opportunity to represent the School or their House at their level at some stage.