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Academic Curriculum

We offer our pupils a broad, flexible and forward-looking curriculum which prepares them for success in academic and professional life and leadership roles, as well as enabling them to experience a wide variety of sporting, cultural and other co-curricular activities. We help our pupils fulfil their potential by offering the widest possible range of opportunities in order to develop skills, interests, ambitions and potential beyond the classroom and the examined curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with the skills to think for themselves, to nurture confidence and independence, and to encourage them to be active learners with teamwork and leadership skills.

Click here to read our Curriculum Information Booklet 2023/24

First, Second and Third Form
The first three years provide a sound basis of learning in all subject areas, with strong cross-curricular references. In the First Form, as well as the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, pupils study the humanities, technology, the expressive arts and modern and classical languages. In the Second Form, pupils choose to continue
with three languages, selecting from French, German, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish. In the Third Form, while all pupils continue to study English, Mathematics, Science and the humanities, they also pick four subjects covering
technology, the expressive arts and languages.

Middle School (subjects at IGCSE)
All pupils take Mathematics, English, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and a Modern Language as their core IGCSE subjects. Pupils choose three further option subjects from Modern Languages, Art, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Economics, Electronics, Geography, Greek, History, Latin, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies. 

Sixth Form (subjects at A Level)
Pupils can choose from a wide range of subjects in the Sixth Form, including Art, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, German, Greek, History, Latin, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Religious Studies and Spanish. All students embark on an Extended Project, which develops their planning and research skills and enables them to work on an area of personal interest.

Click here to read our Sixth Form Curriculum Information Booklet 2023/24

We have developed our own Teaching and Learning Programme which offers a comprehensive educational experience for pupils. This is combined with our Digital Learning Strategy which aims to work alongside the School’s existing bring your own device (BYOD) scheme.

"Pupils in all year groups demonstrate strong information, communication and technology (ICT) skills in their ease of using information technology to take notes across all subjects; they move between books, tablets and other devices to organise their studies and exhibit a determined independence."
ISI, November 2022