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Areas of Giving

Philanthropy plays a crucial role in the ongoing development and success of St Albans School. Our Funded Places are instrumental in creating a diverse, inclusive, and respectful community that enriches the lives of all pupils, providing them with a world-class education and fostering lifelong friendships.

As a local school, we are committed to keeping our fees affordable, widening access to education for a larger part of the community. However, this reliance on affordability necessitates the generosity of our community to maintain our historic site, provide high-quality facilities, and support our Funded Places.

Over the past decade, our supporters have transformed the School, funding new facilities and updating existing ones, making our historic site worthy of our talented and hard-working pupils. We aspire to build on this achievement by increasing the number of children supported financially through Funded Places.

We extend our deep gratitude to the OAs, parents, and friends whose vital contributions have made a difference in the lives of future Old Albanians (OAs) and their families.

We have three areas of giving:

  • Funded Places (formerly Bursaries)
    Our goal is to double the number of fully funded places offered each year by 2028, coinciding with the School’s 1,080th year. This initiative aims to provide 50 places (or more with partial funding) annually to pupils from disadvantaged circumstances. Ways to donate include 'pay-as-you-go' awards for fixed terms or permanently endowed awards, ensuring perpetual funding for pupils.
  • Faculty projects
    Each year, faculties submit requests from their ‘wish list’ and those with the greatest added value to the pupil experience may receive funding if available. For example, in the past the CCF has received funding for flight simulator equipment which is a fundamental part of RAF sections activities. The Drama Department has received funding for new surround sound speakers which replaced 20-year-old equipment, giving pupils the opportunity to play realistic sound and enhancing their understanding of the use of sound in theatre.
  • Legacies
    Leaving a gift in your will is a powerful way of supporting our mission to transform lives through education. St Albans School was formed thanks to the vision and generosity of its founders and benefactors. Similarly, these gifts become part of the fabric of our institution as their impact runs deep, and supporters choose philanthropic priorities that expresses their values, whether that be financial aid, protecting historic buildings such as The Gateway, or enhancing the pupil experience through special projects. By making a legacy gift, you will be joining a loyal group of benefactors who leave an indelible mark on St Albans School and become a part of our long and unique history.

Donate on OA Connect (our bespoke Alumni portal)

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