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Exam Results


We are delighted with the results and individual successes of all our GCSE and A Level pupils this year. 

"These high levels of attainment are supported by teaching which sets clear learning objectives and uses a range of well-produced and varied resources delivered with pace. Almost all pupils go on to higher education, with most securing places at their first-choice university. Even from their strong starting points, pupils' GCSE and A-level results are higher than expected for their ability."
ISI, November 2022

A Level results 2023

5 candidates have achieved at least 4 A* grades+ and 17 candidates have gained at least 3 A* grades+. 1 candidate has achieved an extraordinary 5 A* grades+.

33 candidates (over one fifth of our entry) gained at least 2 A* grades+ and 64 candidates (over 40% of our entry) gained at least 1 A* grade+.

22% of qualifications taken by St Albans School Sixth Formers this year have been awarded the top A* grade and 59% have been awarded A* or A grades.

including the Extended Project Qualification

Candidature 148
Total entries 460
Percentage pass rate 99.6
Percentage grades A*, A & B 85
Percentage grades A* & A 59
Percentage grade A* 22
UCAS points per entry 45
UCAS points per candidate 139
Total entries 510
Percentage pass rate 99.6
Percentage grades A*, A & B 86
Percentage grades A* & A 61
Percentage grade A* 23
UCAS points per entry 43
UCAS points per candidate 147
Total entries 512
Percentage pass rate 99.6
Percentage grades A*, A & B 86
Percentage grades A* & A 61
Percentage grade A* 23
UCAS points per entry 43
UCAS points per candidate 147

I commend our A Level candidates for how they have overcome the particular challenges of recent years, which have included not having had the experience of being able to take their GCSE examinations in the usual way and, more recently, the return to the 2019 grading standard for their A Levels. Warm congratulations to them on the resilience they have displayed and on the strong A Level results that many have achieved.

As every year, A Level results’ day brings a mix of emotions: disappointment for some as well as elation for others. Whilst celebrating with the latter group, we are providing close support and guidance for those whose plans have unfortunately not come to fruition with the results published today.

Examinations grades are only a small element of the many holistic benefits of a St Albans School education: our leavers can now step forward into the adult world confident that the learning skills and values they have developed during their time with us will stand them in good stead for their future, both at university and in the professional world. We wish them every personal happiness and success in the future.
Jonathan Gillespie, Headmaster

GCSE results 2023

St Albans School celebrates many outstanding individual achievements in this year’s GCSE results.

63% of examinations taken were awarded grades 9 and 8 and 82% were awarded grades 9-7.

41% of the year group achieved at least eight 9s and 8s. Almost 30% achieved at least nine 9s and 8s and 30 candidates (almost 20% of the cohort) achieved at least ten 9s and 8s. 31 pupils (about 20% of the year group) achieved straight 9s and 8s.

More than half of our candidates gained at least seven grades 9-8.

Almost two-thirds of the year group gained at least five grades 9-8, with almost 60% of the cohort gaining at least six grades 9-8.

Candidature 156
Total entries 1529
Percentage pass rate 9-4 99.5
Percentage grades 9-7 81
Percentage grades 9-8 63
Percentage gaining 9-4 in at least 5 subjects 100
Percentage gaining 9-4 in English 100

 Percentage gaining 9-4 in Mathematics


“My warm congratulations go to our GCSE cohort on their excellent results which are a fitting reward for all their determination and hard work over the last two years. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate so many individual successes today: I commend our candidates for the resilience they have displayed with the additional challenges and pressure this year of the much-publicised return to the 2019 grading standard. They now embark on the next stage of their learning journey in our Sixth Form, where we look forward to seeing them continue to develop important skills for university study and the world of work.”
Jonathan Gillespie, Headmaster