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Supporting St Albans School

St Albans School stands as one of the world's oldest educational institutions, tracing its roots back to 948. Emerging from its humble beginnings as a monastic school, philanthropy has consistently been at the core of a St Albans School education.

Throughout its long history, the School has faced and triumphed over numerous challenges, especially in recent decades, where unforeseen circumstances have adversely affected families and livelihoods. Despite this, generations of benefactors have enabled us to provide a world-class education to deserving children from disadvantaged backgrounds at no cost to their families.

Thanks largely to the generosity of individual donors, 36 children are currently benefitting from a funded place. Of these children, twenty are fully funded and the remaining twelve have been awarded more than 40% of their fee.

Despite our successes, limited funding forces us to turn away some deserving children. However, fuelled by the inspiring desire of the next generation of benefactors, we aim to double the number of fully funded places to fifty children by 2028, coinciding with the School's 1080th anniversary.

To learn more about funding an education at St Albans School, please contact our Development Department. With your support, we can uphold our philanthropic traditions, enrich our school with exceptional children, and positively impact their life trajectories. The St Albans School Foundation (charity number 1092932) operates within the school, collaborating with Old Albanians (OAs), parents, and friends to achieve these goals. We are committed to contributing to educational equality by making the exceptional education at St Albans School accessible to local families, regardless of their financial circumstances. Together, we can change the lives of bright children by creating more fully funded places.

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We love to hear from alumni, parents and friends of St Albans School. If you want to discuss making a donation or volunteering your time, please contact the Development Team.

Alternatively, feel free to sign up for our newsletters, event invites, and impact reports. We're eager to stay connected and share opportunities for you to engage with the St Albans School Foundation as a charity, all without any obligation or pressure.

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