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Design and Technology (D&T)

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Design and Technology prepares pupils for tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. The subject calls for pupils to become autonomous and creative problem solvers, as individuals and members of teams, who respond to design opportunities or problems, producing a range of ideas and making quality prototypes. The combination of practical skills and an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, function, and industrial practices allow them to evaluate past and present design and technology, its use, and effects. Through design and technology, all pupils can become innovators.

Our Design and Technology Department, staffed by three specialist teachers with the support of a technician, is well equipped for the study of both the traditional and modern aspects of the subject. Lessons are taught in a suite of interconnecting rooms over two floors, which include two large multipurpose workshops with access to ICT facilities and CAD/CAM equipment and a graphics studio with model making workshop. Our well-resourced equipment ranges from traditional hand tools to modern computer aided design and manufacturing facilities (CAD/CAM) such as laser cutters and 3D printers. However, we still make much use of our wood and metal machining equipment.

From the start of Lower School pupils utilise all areas of the Department, understanding the foundations of the subject through small design tasks that challenge and develop design and practical skills. Pupils design and create using traditional drawing techniques, Computer Aided Design, and the tools and machinery of the workshop. At the end of the Lower School, pupils have the opportunity to continue into the Third Form (Year 9) where they will have two periods a week to work on three projects that focus on key subject specific skills required at GCSE.

Pupils gain experience of using a range of design and manufacturing techniques that will build on their past experiences such as learning how to design and produce an architectural model in the Superhero Architecture project. They investigate the work of others in the Design Movement Bluetooth Speaker project and hone their creativity and 3D CAD skills in the Everyday Spacecraft project. These projects help prepare pupils for later GCSE coursework whilst equipping them with understanding of the theory elements of the design process. 

Those who have studied D&T in the Third Form (Year 9) may select the GCSE course in Product Design. They will study for three periods a week covering design theory, along with the completion of coursework which accounts for a substantial percentage of their final grade. At this level, the pupils are expected to take a professional approach to their work, linking themselves to a client and taking the target market group into consideration.

Pupils with career aspirations in design and engineering industries can continue their studies at A Level where they will have six periods a week to further their knowledge and experience of more technically demanding manufacturing and design processes. Pupils will have the opportunity to focus their coursework in any direction they wish, and will seek out live clients and experts in their respective fields to further understand how to refine their design proposals.  

Much goes on beyond the classroom and pupils pursue their interests through involvement in various D&T clubs and activities such as the Warhammer Club.

We also compete in a number of engineering and technological competitions and challenges throughout the year. We are an Arkwright affiliated school and are keen to encourage students to explore the career opportunities within all fields of Design and Engineering.