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Politics is taught as an A Level at St Albans School. It is a subject about power. Power is the ability to enact YOUR agenda, and occasionally, you don’t even have to be a politician to do so!

The A Level course focuses on the UK and the USA, exploring how power is attained, how it is (unequally) distributed amongst different groups and how it is exercised. We also explore how political actors are made accountable, how their power might be limited and how easily they can be replaced. Ultimately we ask: should you trust the powerful?

Furthermore, we explore political ideologies, questioning the different principles a society can be run by, such as in liberal, conservative, socialist, or nationalist ways.

Our aim is to create thinkers, not just exam takers.  Lessons are based around discussion and questioning, developing knowledge and understanding students have already obtained for themselves. We make use of digital and online resources, invite several guest speakers and organise trips to Parliament and the USA to enhance learning.