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Curriculum Overview

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  • To develop imaginative, enquiring and informed minds.
  • To promote personal excellence in the pursuit of a wide range of sporting, recreational and cultural activities. 
  • To provide opportunities for self-expression and aesthetic appreciation. 
  • To develop moral and spiritual values and a respect for other cultures. 
  • To foster a continuous and progressive development of the learning of knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. 
  • To provide a rich educational environment which encourages a range of teaching and learning styles. 
  • To provide carefully defined schemes of work which are matched to the abilities of the pupils. 
  • To be sufficiently broad to enable pupils to develop their talents and interests in a variety of fields. 
  • To provide a balance between the various areas of learning. 
  • To prepare pupils for academic achievements which will enable them to pursue their proper ambitions in life. 
  • To promote the pupils’ intellectual, moral, physical, social and spiritual development and prepare them for future opportunities, responsibilities and experiences.