RCI Report

I am pleased to share the report of the inspection undertaken by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in early October.

As you will see from the report (page 5), its purpose was to assess the School’s compliance with the standards for independent schools set down by the Department for Education. The outcomes of such Regulatory Compliance Inspections are binary, i.e. the standards are either met or not met.

The key findings (page 6) are that the School meets all the regulatory standards and associated standards. Furthermore, there are no required actions or recommendations in the light of the inspectors’ findings.

In reading the report you may find the language used somewhat ‘underwhelming’ in that no qualitative judgements are made beyond whether the standards are met. The tone of the report is therefore noticeably different from that about an inspection of educational quality, for example the previous inspection that we underwent, the highlight of which, among many other very positive assessments, was that the School received the grading of “exceptional” for the quality of pupils’ achievements and learning. (You can also download the full ISI Report from 2014 in this section on the website)

In summary, this report is as positive as could be expected from a Regulatory Compliance Inspection.

Yours sincerely


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