The Middle School Leaders

The Middle School Leaders programme is a new initiative, that launched in September 2018. The scheme is designed to give pupils more leadership opportunities, enabling them to become active citizens in our school community, whilst developing the valuable soft skills required for later life.

It is part of our strategic vision in the Middle School to bring in more values-based education and enable students to really embody the school motto of ‘Non Nobis Nati’. The scheme is open to all pupils across the Fourth and Fifth Forms and it has been really pleasing to see a broad range of pupil apply for the roles. We recognise that leadership comes in many forms, so we run two separate initiatives that students can choose to be involved in: the Middle School Mentoring programme and the Middle School Charity Committee. To help inspire them, all twenty students attended a workshop given by Foundation Performance before starting the programme. During the session, the students learnt about the multi-faceted nature of leadership and reflected on their own qualities as a leader. They could then put theory into practice, in the setting of their choice.

The Middle School Mentoring Programme

The Middle School Mentoring programme offers ten pupils the chance to become mentors for students in the Lower School and Third Form. This year, the scheme has proven particularly popular with those in the Fifth Form. After some initial training on the basics of coaching and mentoring, the students have been working with a mentee in the Lower School, helping them to find productive solutions for issues in their lives, both at home and at school. The focus has been on developing personal skills and building positive relationships, rather than on achieving academic results. The programme has had real impact with our younger students and has already led to meaningful change.


The Middle School Charity programme

The Middle School Charity programme encourages pupils to organise whole-school charity events for the Middle School Charity of the Year, which this year is SPACE, a charity that supports parents of children suffering from autism. The meetings are led and chaired by the students themselves and one can clearly see them developing their skills of collaboration and organisation. Students held an event in January, which involved a tombola and a Kahoot quiz of teacher baby photos which was a huge success, raising £140. Other events will be taking place during the rest of this academic year.

Quotes from Middle School Leaders

“I joined the programme with the hope of helping someone improve their School experience. I have also learnt a lot of valuable things – the struggle isn’t the problem itself, but the mindset the person must create to overcome it. It has made me happy to have improved somebody’s school life significantly.”



“I have enjoyed the experience of communicating with the younger years and stretching my abilities, to adapt to other perspectives.”



“I have learnt more ways to help someone open up about themselves, in a natural way. Everybody is struggling with something different that you wouldn’t know about, unless you talked to them.”


Feedback from Mentees

“I have started to develop social skills and I have also learnt how to prepare myself for school. My mentor has told me about what is happening for him at school, to help me improve. Mentoring has really helped me.”


“Having a mentor has really helped me this term. It has been nice to have someone I can relate to, as he had to go through the same thing as me. I have got a lot of helpful tips from him and it has helped me a lot to realise what I could improve.”

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