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St Albans School has a legacy of philanthropy stretching back several centuries, and we are proud to have played a significant role in the education of thousands of individuals.

We hope to one day replicate the Direct Grant era, when the School was able to offer education to two-thirds of its pupils for free. By investing in these pupils’ education, we are investing in our future, as they go on to become successes and influencers in their fields, just as our Direct Grant alumni have done.

Financial circumstances should never be a barrier to the holistic education St Albans offers young people. The St Albans School Foundation supports the Bursary Fund which has been established through the generosity of Old Albanians, and current and former parents. If you are interested in helping to support a free place at St Albans School, please get in touch with the Development Team.

“High-quality education and opportunity should be available to all bright children regardless of their economic circumstances. This is one of the tenets upon which St Albans School was originally founded. As a child of the Direct Grant system, I was lucky enough to benefit from this and it has been a considerable influence, for which I am very grateful. I want to contribute to both that tradition and that philosophy; hence I’m pleased to be able to offer my support to the Bursary scheme.”
Philip Rattle (OA 1983)