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St Albans School Bursary Fund

St Albans School is strongly committed to the provision of Bursary places for those students who could benefit from the outstanding education on offer, but whose parents are unable to afford the fees. Our long-term ambition is to replicate the spirit of the Direct Grant Scheme which played an important role in the School’s recent history. With this in mind, the School is launching a new Bursary fundraising campaign and is inviting the wider community, including Old Albanians and current and former parents and staff, to offer vital support to help us to achieve this aim.

The Bursary Fund will strike a chord with many, especially with OAs who attended the School prior to the mid-1970s as beneficiaries of the Direct Grant Scheme which offered the chance of a superb education to bright boys, irrespective of their parents' financial circumstances. Now, in the absence of any state support, the bursary fund is vital in offering transformational opportunities and to preserving the mixture of academic and co-curricular excellence with social diversity that is so central a part of St Albans School's historic mission and character.

Bursaries are entirely different from academic scholarships: Bursaries are awarded solely through means-testing of applicants who have performed strongly in the entrance examination. This process is entirely confidential. Indeed, even our staff are unaware of which families receive financial support. Scholarships, on the other hand, are a publicly celebrated distinction awarded for excellence in specified areas – these are not funded by the St Albans School Foundation but directly by the School’s scholarship fund.

In awarding a bursary, means-testing is undertaken rigorously by an external agency, to ensure that our limited funds are directed to families who are in the most need of assistance. We have recently introduced a supplementary fund for those on 100% bursaries, (who would qualify for free school meals in the maintained sector), to help with additional costs such as lunches, transport and School trips.

In the academic year 2017/18, 41 pupils were in receipt of bursary funding, at a total cost of £575,491.08. Of those 41, 11 pupils were on full bursaries; their parents pay no fees at all.


“High quality education and opportunity should be available to all bright children regardless of their economic circumstances. This is one of the tenets upon which St Albans School was originally founded. As a child of the Direct Grant system I was lucky enough to benefit from this and it has been a considerable influence, for which I am very grateful. I want to contribute to both that tradition and that philosophy; hence I’m pleased to be able to offer my support to the Bursary scheme.”

You can support St Albans School’s Bursary fund by donating to the School’s endowment fund (with an option for a depreciation allowance or an investment that remains flat), and the interest will be used to fund Bursary places. Alternatively, you may wish to donate a ‘pay as you go’ gift and the School will use those funds for our on-going Bursary provision.

Whichever you choose, you will be helping St Albans School to provide more transformational opportunities to many more deserving young people.

Endowment Gift

Current Fees £18,600 per annum = £14,880 per annum or £1,240 per month plus gift aid

Sixth Form Bursary student - 2 years' support

£1,240 net per month, for 2 years (24 months)

Third Form Bursary student - 5 years' support

£1,240 net per month, for 5 years (60 months)

First Form Bursary student - 7 Years' Support

£1,240 net per month, for 7 years (84 months)

James Mohajer (OA 2012)

“Without the support of the bursary scheme, I would have been forced to leave the School, and doors which are flinging open for me now would likely still be firmly shut. The education that I received at St Albans School has had an undeniable impact on the progress of my legal career to date.”

Year Group Giving

We would encourage our former pupils to collaborate with others in their year group to fund a ‘Class of..’ Bursary(ies).

Please contact the Development office directly if you would like us to help set up this scheme and co-ordinate giving amongst your OA contemporaries.

For further information and to discuss further how you can help St Albans School, please contact development@st-albans.herts.sch.uk or 01727 515187.

Please donate via the Virgin Money Giving button, downloading the Donation form using the 'Download Donation Form' button or by filling out the Bursary donation form below.


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