Bursary Basics

What is a St Albans School bursary?

St Albans School has been offering bursaries for many, possibly hundreds of years in different guises, to pupils with academic potential, who we believe would benefit from a St Albans School education.

There are many former pupils – our Old Albanians - who have received a St Albans School education at little or no parental expense. For some, this was provided by external funding; for others, the provision was made by the School.

Bursaries may be awarded to a value of up to 100% of the fees and additional support can be available for uniform, lunches and school trips.

What are The opportunities and benefits of a St Albans School Education?

Pupils benefit from a first-class education and inspirational teaching across a wide range of academic subjects and the School’s outstanding co-curricular facilities and opportunities enrich each pupil’s experience. Our pupils develop important values and skills, as well as learning an awareness and understanding of the wider world in which they will soon be playing a leading role.

St Albans School offers pupils an education that extends beyond exam grades alone; at the heart of our ethos is a focus on the wellbeing of our pupils and the belief that the fulfilment of academic and co-curricular potential will only happen if a pupil is settled and happy in school.

What are the Criteria to apply?

The School welcomes and particularly encourages applications from pupils from the local St Albans community and surrounding area, who have the potential to benefit from the transformational experience that a St Albans School education could provide.

Successful candidates would be offered a bursary based on the condition that the pupil sits the School’s entrance examination and that the School’s academic requirements are met.

How do you decide how much is awarded to a pupil who might qualify?

Bursaries are means-tested. Bursaries may be awarded to a value of up to 100% of tuition fees and are unlikely to be awarded for amounts less than 40%. Means-testing is a process by which the resources available to a family are fully disclosed to the School such that an assessment of the need for the Bursary can be established and documented, and such that the extent of any bursary awarded can be matched to need.

The School may, at the discretion of the Headmaster and the Bursar, make additional awards over and above the cost of the tuition fees for specific activities, such as coach or bus travel or essential educational trips.

The process of the application for bursaries is entirely confidential, and if the application for the bursary is successful and the child comes to the School, the fact that the child is in receipt of a bursary is not disclosed without the explicit permission of the family. As such, the child’s teachers and contemporaries would not be aware of the bursary.

Are bursaries available at all entry points?

Yes. The School continues to strongly uphold and support the opportunity for families and pupils to apply for bursaries, with an allocation across all entry points: 11+, 13+ and 16+. The School is delighted to offer bursaries for a limited number of fully-funded places each year; the majority of these are usually awarded at 11+.

You can find out more information on whether you could be eligible for bursary funding in our Bursary Policy found here

How can I apply?


Parents who believe they might qualify for a bursary are advised to firstly read our Bursary Policy here.


After carefully reading this policy (paying close attention to Section 4), parents may submit an application for Bursary support.


A gross family income of over £70,000 p.a., significant savings or investments, and the ownership of property other than the home in which the child resides, are very likely to disqualify bursary applications and parents in these circumstances should not apply.


Parents should complete our online registration form, within which parents may indicate their interest in a Bursary. Upon receipt of this, parents will then be contacted directly by Bursary Administration Limited, the School’s dedicated service which supports new and existing bursary applications.


Interested families should apply as soon as possible by initially submitting their registration form by 30 November, 2022.


Bursary paperwork will need to be returned no later than 9 December, 2022.


James Mohajer was a St Albans School bursary student from 2005 – 2012. James went on to secure a place at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he graduated with a degree in Law with International Relations.

James is now a Legal Assistant at Quinn Emanuel.

“The bursary system at St Albans School allowed me to fulfil my true potential, especially in being a confident young man and also in music (it was at the School that I recorded my first song!). And it was really because of the School that my academic potential was reached - I managed to apply to Canterbury Christ Church to do Law with International Relations. If it wasn’t for the bursary, that never would have been possible.”

For more information or an informal conversation, please call our Registrar, Mrs Tracey Selwyn on 01727 515 182.

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