Our Open Mornings

We are delighted to welcome prospective families to visit St Albans School.

Our Autumn Term Open Mornings will be held on Saturday 30 September and Saturday 4 November.

For 16+ admission into Sixth Form, our Open Evenings will take place on Wednesday 20 September and Thursday 12 October.

Booking information for all events will open after the May Half Term. Booking takes place electronically via our website and priority is given to those families looking to start in September 2024.

We offer a number of limited daytime tours to prospective families at 11+ and 13+ between September and the beginning of May. For this academic year, these have just concluded as we have moved into the Public Exam Season. Daytime tours will be available to book on our website from September.

Our Open Mornings

16+ Open Evenings

We are delighted to welcome prospective families to visit the School at an Open Evening. Our Autumn Term Open Evenings will be held on Wednesday 20 September and Thursday 12 October. Booking information will follow soon. 

We are still running daytime tours for prospective Sixth Formers and families; please contact the registrar here to book your place.

In the meantime, please click here to browse our Video Library to watch presentations from the Headmaster, Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Department and Head of School.

There is no deadline for 16+ admissions. For more information on the 16+ admissions process please click here.



Virtual Open Morning Videos and School Site Tour

We are delighted to offer you a virtual experience of one of our Open Mornings, and the opportunity to see and hear from all of our Heads of Department. The pins show the location of each respective department and members of the Senior Leadership Team within the School site. Simply click on the pin of the department or person you would like to 'visit' and then click on their image to watch their video.

Additionally, you can go on a virtual tour of the School site with Mr Swanson, Head of Lower School. Click here to go on the tour!

1 Headmaster - Mr Jonathan Gillespie
2 Second Master - Ms Melody Jones
3 Assistant Head – Co-Curricular and Head of Third Form - Mr Gareth Burger
4 Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning - Victoria Saunders
5 Drama - Ms Lucy Hanneghan-Birt
6 Head of Lower School - Mr Danny Swanson
7 History - Mr Paul Middleton
8 Classics - Mr Danny Rowland
9 English - Mr James Hughes
10 Geography - Ms Chloe Whittle
11 Religion, Philosophy & Ethics - Mrs Chrissy Malacrida
12 Assistant Head – Safeguarding and Wellbeing - Mrs Judy Robertson
13 Science - Dr Johanna Eastmond
14 Computing - Ms Rebecca D’Cruz
15 Music - Mr Mick Stout
16 Design & Technology - Mr Duncan Phillips
17 Modern Foreign Languages - Mr Jamie Russ
18 Sport - Mr Martin Langston
19 Art - Mrs Sam Forbes-Whitehead
20 Mathematics - Mr Lee Robinson
21 CCF - Lt Col Kenny Everitt
22 Politics - Mr Alex Alcoe
23 Economics - Mrs Linda Bonner
24 Head of School - Ben Reed
25 Head of Sixth Form - Mr Gary Walker
26 Assistant Head – Higher Education and Careers - Dr Greg Hacksley
27 Deputy Head of Sixth Form - Mrs Teresa Gott
28 Registrar - Tracey Selwyn
2Second Master
3Assistant Head – Co-Curricular and Head of Third Form
4Assistant Head – Teaching and Learning
6Head of Lower School
11Religion, Philosophy & Ethics
12Assistant Head - Safeguarding and Wellbeing
16Design and Technology
17Modern Foreign Languages
24Head of School
25Head of Sixth Form
26Assistant Head – Higher Education and Careers
27Deputy Head of Sixth Form


How do I apply?

Applications are made electronically via our website. Please go to https://www.st-albans.herts.sch.uk/register-your-child/ to register.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a fee of £100.

How much are the fees per term?

The current fees for 2022/23 are £7,094 per term or £21,282 per year.

What is the difference between a bursary and a scholarship?

A Bursary is means-tested funding provided by the School to assist pupils in obtaining a place at St Albans School when it wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. A scholarship is awarded for outstanding performance or potential and carries a small amount of financial remission of 5% to 20%.

I am interested in applying for a bursary, what do I need to do?

You can indicate within your online registration form that you would like to be considered for a bursary. The Admissions team will then be in touch to discuss the next steps. The level of funding award is usually between 40-100%. The 2020 deadline for bursary application is 11 December 2020. To get started, visit our Bursaries website page here: https://www.st-albans.herts.sch.uk/bursarybasics/

Do you offer Music and Sport scholarships?

Yes. At 11+ we offer Academic and Music Scholarships, at 13+ we offer Academic, Music, Sport and Art. Find out more about our Scholarships here: https://www.st-albans.herts.sch.uk/about-us/bursaries-scholarships/

Are you currently offering tours of the School during the day?

Yes, this academic year we have been delighted to welcome families back to the School to experience an Open Morning tour. Our Open Mornings for the Autumn Term have now concluded and our next Open Morning will be held at the end of April. We will share the booking link for the April Open Morning at the start of January. Our Admissions team is always available and would welcome the opportunity to speak to parents about the School and registration process. Daytime tours can be arranged by contacting the Admissions Department.

When is the 11+ entrance examination?

The 11+ Assessments are traditionally held on the Second Saturday in January at the school site. For 2023 entrants, assessments will be held on 7 January. Candidates who have registered will be contacted in November prior to the assessments taking place.

For those boys who are unable to attend on the main examination day, a supplementary day will be held during the following week. On the day of the Entrance Exam, the boys will sit three papers:

English (80 minutes)                                                                                                                                                                   

Maths (60 minutes)                                                                                                                                                                     

Verbal Reasoning (60 minutes)

Candidates also have a short interview with some of our senior members of staff. We feel it is important to talk to our candidates before we know their exam results in order not to bring preconceptions to the interview. Candidates who have shown promise on the day of the Entrance Exam are invited back to the second round at the end of January. During this morning, boys will spend a couple of hours with us in group activities whilst parents are invited to a talk from the Headmaster and a further tour of the School. Offers will be made in mid-February, in conjunction with the dates set out by the North London Consortium.

Normally up to 72 boys are admitted annually at 11+. In order to avoid exceeding our available capacity, in addition to firm offers made, we may also maintain a reserve list for a limited period, to whom offers may be made if places become available.

Can I have copies of past papers?

Yes. Practice papers in English and Maths can be downloaded from our website but not a Verbal Reasoning paper, as this is bespoke to the School.

What should I do to prepare my son for the assessments?

Exam practice to improve time management is always useful for boys, particularly for Verbal Reasoning, however we don’t encourage intensive tutoring as this can disguise a boy’s true academic ability.

Will my son have an interview?

Yes! We believe it is important to meet all boys who sit the entrance exam, so that we have a full picture of their potential. For candidates sitting the entrance exam for entry into 2022, they will have one 10 minute, socially-distanced interview. No preparation is required. 

How many boys will sit the exam and what are my son’s chances of being offered a place?

We usually have around 300 boys entered for the 11+ assessments, with 72 places available; a few additional places may be awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion if the cohort is academically strong.

When and how will we find out if my son has been offered a place?

In accordance with the North London Consortium, offers will be posted on 9 February 2022.

What does a typical day at St Albans School look like?

Boys arrive each morning for registration at 8.35am and will visit Abbey twice per week at the start of the School day. There are six 50-minute lessons per day and academic lessons finish at 4pm. Boys who are staying for one of the many evening clubs or clinics may use the late coach service which departs at 6pm.

What are the benefits of having dedicated spaces such as the Sixth Form Common Room, Sixth Form Private Study Area and Library?

Pupils relish the opportunity to study and socialise in dedicated spaces. Our Sixth Formers benefit from their own Sixth Form Centre and Common Room, where they can study in an informal environment, have lunch and socialise; their Private Study Area offers a quiet, calm area for study and learning, where information on higher education and our Sixth Form team are located. The Library is enjoyed by pupils from all year groups in the School; it is a stunning space, and our Librarians ensure the latest books across all subjects are available, along with topical content and information. The Library is where the School also holds more intimate events, from poetry readings to our Scholars’ Concert and lunchtime music performances.

How is Sport an important part of school life?

Sport is integral to learning and all pupils in all age groups participate in Sport. Our goal is to provide opportunities for all pupils to develop their skills, interests and abilities in as wide a range of sports as we can offer. We focus on developing the physical literacy of all our students and to engage all students in Sport, from those who compete and participate at a high level to those for whom physical education may not be a high priority. We hope to develop and facilitate a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity amongst our pupils.

What makes Music special at St Albans School?

The vibrancy of the Music department, the facilities and the opportunity to participate in an exceptionally wide range of genres and events makes Music at St Albans School so unique. From performing in an Opera Gala in the Cathedral to singing in a Cabaret Show, performing in Rock Concerts or Jazz evenings, or playing in a String Quartet, there is a myriad of musical opportunities available to pupils.

What are the benefits of Drama at the School?

In Drama, we promote and encourage students’ performance and communication skills, improving self-confidence, nurturing creativity and building independence of thought. We have our own designated building for Drama lessons and our Lower School Drama Club and two, large-scale performances across the year provide opportunities for Lower School pupils to enjoy Drama. In the Third Form, Drama is an option and students have two lessons a week when they learn more about drama and theatre and how the world of theatre works, as well as the technical side of theatre, such as lighting and sound design. Third Formers also have the opportunity to participate in the Junior House Drama competition, when Third Formers can be role models to the younger students and can create a piece of drama from scratch, for their House.


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