Arthur Boy King

Arthur Boy King

June 30, 2022

The Lower School Drama production of “Arthur Boy-King” took place last Thursday and Friday. The boys worked very hard rehearsing this exciting and adventurous production.
They particularly enjoyed the process of sword fighting, which was further enhanced by the Stage Combat workshops they had taken part in during Activities Week!

Drawn from Arthurian legend, the play recounts how Arthur, the son of the Celtic knight Sir Ector, outwits his older brother Kay to draw a magnificent sword from a stone in front of a group of English knights. Arthur’s guide is the magician Merlin, whom he meets right at the start of the play, during a stormy night in a forest near his home; Merlin is disguised as an anonymous old man when Arthur meets him on that occasion, and at the end of the play it is revealed that Merlin has appeared in a variety of guises throughout the story – as a knight, a monk, a miller Arthur encounters by the roadside, and Arthur’s dog Jasper.

The rehearsal process, led by Mrs Macmull and Mrs Drucker, was good fun and it was great to be free of the previous Covid restrictions at last.

The piece was performed in the school Amphitheatre, utilising special effects such as smoke along with the use of a large stage with levels, and painted scenery. It was very ambitious for a short space of rehearsal time, but the final piece was a triumph.

Sadly, on the first night of the production there was a huge rainstorm with thunder and lightning. With just 60 minutes to go until curtain up, the entire production was moved from the Amphitheatre to The Gallery at New Place. The cast were resilient and really showed their ability to adapt in difficult situations with a can-do attitude, and we were very proud of them all. On the second night, thankfully the sun was shining, and everyone moved the props and costumes back to the Amphitheatre for a wonderful performance!

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