Shooting for Success

Shooting for Success

March 1, 2018

The Shooting Team’s final term in the old shooting range proved to be a very successful one across the board for the school rifle teams. The senior shots, in Section 1 of the BSSRA did very well, the B and C teams securing first place in their respective divisions, Felix Trimmer in the B team getting the highest score overall in his division. The A team were unable to take the top spot and ended as runners up in their league, beating long time rivals Victoria College (The School Mr Russell worked at before moving to the greener pastures of Hertfordshire). In the development squad we had Harry Hemsi and Alex Avraam working very well, shooting perfect 100s in section 2- the rest of the teams doing very well, but unfortunately unable to reach the medal positions.

The Emsall trophy has always been a focus of the team, taking place in the late Winter Term. We had won the trophy 7 years running and this year was no change. Although competition isn’t quite as fierce as the other leagues we strive every year to break the top score record. We weren’t quite able to do this though the A team were able to equalise the all time record previously set by St Albans in 2014. On top of the A team’s success in the competition the B team were able to equalise the score by last year’s A’s, securing second place quite comfortably.

The House Shooting was a close fought match this year, with Marsh and Hampson fighting over first place throughout. With a final surge towards the end of good shots Marsh were able to clinch the team competition with 6 out of their top 10 getting a perfect score of 100. In individual part of the house shooting Marsh again dominated, with Joe Pattison, of Marsh, winning the captains cup. The battle between third and fourth was a vicious one with Hawking clinching the 3rd place in the individual completion by one point to take a joint third overall with Renfrew.

The school entered the West Kent Cup for the first time this year, putting forward 6 students. They saw tough opposition against Gresham School, a truly formidable force in schools shooting, however Joe Pattison and Arjun Kolli were able to win the pairs competition overall, Joe Pattison taking 3rd in the individual completion.

Continuing with the individual success we saw both Arjun Kolli and Joe Pattison selected into the England Schools shooting for both the C and D teams respectively. Overall giving us perhaps to most successful term the shooting team has seen at the school.

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