Students Sing the Hits

Students Sing the Hits

July 5, 2017

It was Summer Cabaret night and an admiring audience of pupils, parents and teachers was serenaded by a mixture of some of the best music of the past few decades, performed in the most part by students. While the music featured well knows students form the Music Department, several others also demonstrated their hitherto unheard skills.

Catering for a range of music tastes, there was something for everyone during the evening; whether it was Emily Edmond’s beautiful and clear ‘Over the Rainbow’, Robin Sargeson’s undeniably cool rap in ‘Clint Eastwood’, Owen Tyley’s slimmed-down Meatloaf or Daniel McCurley’s incredible flower-waving and open-topped Morrissey, it was a stunning evening for all.

The relaxed layout of the audience – sitting in groups at tables –added to the enjoyment of the evening, as did the appearance on stage of a couple of teachers as well as students. With an impressive range of talented performers and an equally impressive range of genres, the cabaret made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening for everyone.

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