Bowler’s Facts about Fiction

November 13, 2015

Tim Bowler’s first book written at the age of five was impressive but a mere 14 words long. It read ‘Francis Drake decided to attack King Phillip of Spain. So he did. The end’. Needless to say, it didn’t quite make the Waterstones’ best sellers list although his second book, Midget published thirty-five years later in 1994 did considerably better and spawned a series of over twenty other titles.

The Second Form were very fortunate to have benefited from a visit from Tim on Thursday when he gave a talk on writing and inspiration. He lives in Devon and writes mainly in a stone outhouse near his village finding inspiration in his everyday life, whether walking down the road or even in a traffic jam.

After telling us a bit about himself and his days at school he then proceeded to read the gripping start of the first book in the Blade series: Enemies. He tends to write books for the young adult fiction genre usually with some psychological depth.

His most successful books include the famous Blade series along with Nightrunner, Sea of Whispers and Gamechanger. He talked about his unique style of writing to us. Unlike many authors he does not create huge spreadsheets and lists categorising each paragraph but just writes and sees where the book takes him. Usually he doesn’t even know how a book will end when he starts writing it.

After leaving University he became an ice cream van driver before he moved into teaching and finally writing. He left us with the message “Always write another page. If you keep on writing you will come across something amazing that will make up for any failures you may have had. Never give up!”


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